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Structures Experiments:
Bending Moments in a Beam
Shear Force in a Beam
Deflection of Beams and Cantilevers
Bending Stress in a Beam
Torsional Deflection of Circular Sections
Unsymmetrical Bending and Shear Centre
Pin-Jointed Frameworks
Three-Pinned Arch
Two-Pinned Arch
Fixed Arch
Buckling of Struts
Continuous and Indeterminate Beams
Curved Bars and Davits
Plastic Bending of Beams
Plastic Bending of Portals
Redundant Truss
Frame Deflections and Reactions
Simple Suspension Bridge
Bending Moments in a Portal Frame
Ancillary Equipment:
Structures Test Frame
Digital Force Display
Automatic Data Acquisition Unit
Virtual Experimentation Pack

Structures Test Frame

Teaching Product Ref STR1
Test frame for Structures experiments
Structures Test Frame
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TecQuipment's Structures Test Frame is a lightweight yet sturdy bench-mounting frame which holds hardware modules and instrumentation from the Structures range of experiments.

The frame holds the modules and instrumentation using specially designed slots and self-positioning nuts. This fixing system enables each module to be quickly and easily located, secured and exchanged. Adjustable feet support the frame to allow students to level the apparatus before use. The frame is also ideal for holding modules during storage.

The frame is supplied in kit form with instructions for use. It also includes a textbook: Structural and Stress Analysis by T. H. G. Megson, Published Butterworth-Heinemann 1995, ISBN: 0340631961.

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