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Structures Experiments:
Bending Moments in a Beam
Shear Force in a Beam
Deflection of Beams and Cantilevers
Bending Stress in a Beam
Torsional Deflection of Circular Sections
Unsymmetrical Bending and Shear Centre
Pin-Jointed Frameworks
Three-Pinned Arch
Two-Pinned Arch
Fixed Arch
Buckling of Struts
Continuous and Indeterminate Beams
Curved Bars and Davits
Plastic Bending of Beams
Plastic Bending of Portals
Redundant Truss
Frame Deflections and Reactions
Simple Suspension Bridge
Bending Moments in a Portal Frame
Ancillary Equipment:
Structures Test Frame
Digital Force Display
Automatic Data Acquisition Unit
Virtual Experimentation Pack


The leading range of structures teaching equipment consisting of hardware, powerful software, or combination of both, creates the ultimate teaching solution for a broad variety of structural engineering subjects.

Whether you want hardware, software or a combination of both, TecQuipment's Structures teaching products offer a complete teaching solution.

Structures teaching equipment


This modern, cost-effective and flexible range of structures teaching equipment can be tailored to meet specific educational requirements. Choose from:
Hardware-based Structures experiments
Hardware with virtual (software) Structures experiments
Hardware with automatic data acquisition and virtual Structures experiments
Virtual Structures experiments only
In addition, we've made the Structures teaching software available in a variety of multi-user and networked options, as well as single-user format.
To try the software for FREE, visit our parent website at
www.tecquipment.com to download a demo.
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